5 Step Process


Online Assessment & Review

Check the address of the property against specialist mapping sites and obtain sewer diagrams and Sydney Water Tap In diagram if required.

Review any documents you may have for the property such as 10/7 Planning Certificate, Flood information or Title Search deeds.

Discuss any thoughts you may have about what you are looking for in your Granny Flat or Studio, where you may want it located and any other pertinent information.

We will then arrange a Site Visit for one of our Consultants to meet with you at your property.

Site Visit & Property Specific Proposal

Our Consultant will meet with you and review all of the factors that will impact on the build of the Granny Flat such as sewer location, slope of the land or items that may need to be demolished or removed.

They will discuss with you what your preferences are for build materials, and then put together a very detailed, fixed price proposal that provides all of the information about our high level of quality inclusions and the best possible estimate of any specific site costs.

You will be invited to come into our Showroom where we have 2 Granny Flats built so that you can see firsthand what is included in your build, and review all of the details, amending anything required.


Design Stage

When you are happy with what we have proposed and wish to proceed you will sign the acceptance page and move into the Design Stage.

Once we have the survey and all of the relevant documents you will work with your consultant and our architect to create the design that best suits your requirements. You can amend this where required, as it is essential that you are happy with the design before we move into Approval Stage



Approval Stage

When your Design is finalised, you sign the Construction Contract and we will obtain all of the full architectural plans, the structural engineering and hydraulic engineers reports, Basix report and the Certifiers approval & council certificate, resulting in a set of Approved Plans.

Whilst this is all happening in the background, you can come in and make all of your material and colour selections from our large range of optional materials and colours.

If your approval was via a DA through local council, this is expected to be a longer process than obtaining approval via CDC, but we will keep you up to date with progress reports.


Once the Granny Flat or Studio is approved, we will obtain the Home Warranty insurance for your project and you move into the Construction team.

The Project Coordinator will assign a Site Manager for your build, and they will arrange a Pre Construction site meeting with you at the property to discuss the various steps along the way to completing your Granny Flat! 

They will be your point of contact through this stage and will do everything they can to have our team of tradesmen battle through pandemics and wild weather to deliver you a Granny Flat you will be proud of.



Your home is a reflection of who you are. We can help you create a home that’s designed and built especially to suit your requirements.

Get a Granny Flat quote immediately!

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    Get a Granny Flat quote immediately!

    No need to wait days, fill out the form below and submit and we will come back to you with a quote.