Things to ask before hiring a Granny Flat

After deciding to build a granny flat, you might have your budget all set. You would also have an idea about the design, look and colour of the building. However, you need to find a suitable granny flat builder in Sydney to pull those thoughts out of your mind and into the world. Without the necessary set of skills and knowledge, they cannot effectively complete the project within the specific time frame. Compare the quotes from different granny flat builders in Sydney and shortlist the companies that suits your budget. Then do not fail to ask them the following questions to ensure that you are choosing the right one,

  • Are you properly licensed and insured?
    The licensing requirements in Australia differ from one state to another. First find the regulations in Sydney and check if the license detail of your preferred builder satisfies them. It is also important to check if all their public liability insurances and licenses are currently valid.
  • Do you offer guarantee?
    Construction defects can haunt your granny flat forever. Make sure that you obtain the best of workmanship and be aware of all your rights and limitations. Responsible granny flat builders in Sydney who are confident of their service would offer you at least 5 years of guarantee.
  • Will you provide me a fixed price during contract negotiation?
    Some builders would not be ready to offer you a final rate until a specific point is reached in the construction process. Ask yourself if you are ok with it before signing the contract. However, if you sign a fixed price contract make sure it includes all the approval bills along with the inclusion list, so that you would know what is not included in the project.
  • Can I have access to your building schedule?
    By knowing the timeline and rules, you can always have an idea about the status of your project. You can also check if the progress is at satisfactory phase and would be completed within the required time period.
  • Who is responsible for answering my calls?
    If you are unable to contact the builders whenever you want, it could be really irritating. To address any of your concerns regarding the building or its construction process, a professional member should always be available for communication.
  • Are you specialized in granny flat building?
    In Sydney, granny flat builders with vast experience in this specific task can only offer you an excellent service. Do not go for the builders who would use your dream project as a trial run for them.

Above all, ask them for references from their previous clients as it is one of the easiest ways to know the worth of a builder.

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