Stunning luxury mansions, inspiring open plan houses, villas and apartment blocks, and stylish commercial buildings. From a granny flat to an office complex or high rise development worth tens of millions of dollars. Each one reflects the personality, lifestyle and practicality of the individual client. They feature modern designs with functionality and outstanding attention to detail.

These are the unique signatures of AMESCORP…a second generation family owned business dedicated to building excellence throughout Sydney, Canberra and New South Wales.

Decades of expertise and a unique holistic ‘concept to completion’ service contribute to total peace of mind. The one team is responsible for every step of the project from inspecting the site and submitting documentation to construction and landscaping.

Our passion and professionalism is why we have so many clients who are happy to refer us.

Popularity of granny flats has been growing across Australia and if you are on the lookout for reliable granny flat builders in Sydney, look no further than AMESCORP!


At AMESCORP, we specialise in granny flats and have established ourselves as reliable, efficient and affordable builders in Sydney. As a second generation of family owned builders dedicated to excellence in building throughout Sydney, New South Wales, and Canberra, you are in safe hands with us. From site inspection to completion of your project, we will put our team of experts on the job so that you have complete peace of mind all across the project.

Granny flat is merely a term representing a secondary dwelling or home. There are many ways to construct a granny flat though most people prefer a brand new construction detached from the main house. This preference stems from a host of advantages that a detached structure offers. You can conveniently use the flat as an accommodation for your extended family, set up a home office or merely rent it out for additional income.

Granny flats are limited to 60 square meters and are traditionally smaller in relation to the primary home. As established granny flat builders in Sydney, our expert designers can work with you to incorporate your aspirations and provide the maximum built up space to answer your needs. Another important factor is that most granny flats can be completed in significantly lesser time. It takes just about 12 weeks to complete a granny flat.
Most home owners in Australia will not need a council approval to build a granny flat.

Generally, your property should be over 450 square meters and the granny flat can occupy only 60% of the property. You can confidently leave the most important aspects to our experts. In some instances, it may be convenient purchasing a planning certificate from your local council.

Call us today to know all about granny flats and how we can help you.


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